Schlemiel in Theory is a blog dedicated to the Jewish comic character otherwise known as the schlemiel. It will include reflections on real-live-schlemiels and fictional schlemiels. On this blog, its all fair game. Be forewarned. No Schlemiel shall go unturned. We shall look high and low for schlemiels and schlemiel theories. We will dream big, as any Jewish fool who “lives on air” (Luftmensch/Schlemiel in Yiddish) is apt to do.

(The author of this blog, Menachem Feuer, has a PhD in Comparative Literature and an MA in Philosophy. He writes and has written several articles and book reviews on the schlemiel, philosophy, and Jewish studies. He teaches Jewish Studies at York University. ¬†And his academic profile, which includes articles and links to articles, can be seen at: Also take a look at the documentary made on his life, music, and struggle with Jewishness, rock n’roll, his past and family life. The film is called Shlemiel. Here’s the website: )

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“For a goldmine of writing on the schlemiel, go to Feuer’s rich blog”


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